Whoever you are,whatever you are

Posted: May 18, 2013 in gender issues and spirtuality, Philosophy, thoughts about activism


I believe love is superior no matter the persons exterior. I wish,in my heart of hearts, that more would come to grips and realize that ones sexuality isn’t just an embarrassing punchline or a sick joke. We are all complex,carefully arranged patterns etched beautifully into being. Everyone is seeking actualization of their inner spiritual selves. In light of that knowledge, lets give each other the benefit of the doubt so that each soul can shine in whatever way God intended for them to. Just remember that we become the a sum of our decisions, born a clean slate but bestowed with free moral agency as our consciousness developes. Its in our power to love all types of individuals, if we so choose! Because if we choose love we will eventually become love. If we choose to hate we will eventually become that hatred. Our Creator has graciously put that power into our hands so its up to us to measure our sentiments wisely.-Agape in Christ, Cory Gilliam


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