What does living like Jesus really mean?

Posted: May 16, 2013 in Philosophy


So you call yourself a Christian,right? OK Sister Christian; I challenge you to tell me what being a Christian really is. What does being one look like,sound like,act like or even smell like? The point is that  many feel like they have it all figured out, sort of like one believes they have discovered the secret Coke formula or the ultimate meatloaf recipe. If you take that approach,  I can’t help but observe, that you may be falling victim to subjective opinions. I’ve likewise observed that when the words of Christ are thrown about to justify or deny the censorship of our behaviors and ideas one can be led into a world of dogmatic confusion. What constitutes ”right” and ”wrong” is then dictated by a buffet of theological opinions that often leads to hours of head scratching (at least that’s what often happens in my case!). I see absolutely nothing egregious about deciding to ascribe to a frame work of thought. It is pertinent for ones prsonal growth to have a solid foundation to stand on. But, when being ”right” becomes the most important goal we come dangerously close to betraying the penultimate teaching of the Gospels, which is Love. Jesus tells us explicitly to hang all the Law and the prophets on that one simple principle. If Love is not the genuine aim of the ideology or philosophy someone is hounding you with, you need to run, run for your life! Walt Whitman was spot on when we he said ”Reject that which insults your soul”  when he spoke about entertaining ideas . So the only advice I might give is that when you’re navigating the labyrinth of Christan thought, remember Love as the object. If Love is excluded it’s safe to say your soul has been insulted on default.- Agape in Christ, Cory Gilliam


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