Hard words to follow

Posted: May 11, 2013 in Philosophy, Uncategorized


Magnifying your dreams and manifesting your actions will lead one to success but ……..staying the course is an entirely different ball of wax!! All the talking about our dreams and stuff leads me to want to dance around in crazy circles, after first guzzling a couple of alcoholic beverages, while singing along to Queens ”we are the champions” at the top of my lungs. Curiously when hearing any song by Queen, I cant but help but think about the ill fated life of lead singer Freddie Mercury, whose dream machine was silenced by AIDS way before it was time to actually cut off the music. Its a cold, obvious fact that time,sickness,accidents,gravity and eventually, death, all eat away at our potential. Consequently the feverish work of our minds and hands is something that has to be squeezed into a painfully small window of space found between all the speed bumps that hinder us. As the waiting ensues,we cross our fingers,close our eyes and pray that our effort was worth all the sweat and cursing brought forth by the boiling cauldron of difficulty. Then, if we find that one of the seeds that we have so lovingly nourished grows to fruition, we can safely say that we are somewhat of a success. But, like an unwelcome cold front in the middle of spring, the pressure is put back on to make another seed germinate and bloom again. The irony is that we become obsessive with repeating this cycle of lapping at our pavlovian treats until we reach our finite end. One might ask ”why do people do this?” If it wouldn’t for this personal torture chamber of drive and determination real beauty,real art and real achievement would never come forth. Everyone has a terminal need to leave their mark. Hopfully it will stand for others to joyfully marvel at for generations to come. That just may be one of the wonderful purposes of life, among so many others.

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